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"I just wanted to say that my mother received her walker today, and she was very pleased with it!! Thanks so much for all of your assistance in making this happen. It is greatly appreciated!!"
Terry, 2Care4 Medical Website Customer

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Made in Canada Medical Supplies

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Positioning wedge with a removable centre that provides a choice of two elevations.
From: $79.99
Designed to be worn over adult cloth diapers.
From: $14.69
Excellent pressure management while cushion's movability helps prevent shearing.
From: $75.99
Individually packaged alcohol swabs.
Price: $3.99
Great protection for all bed sizes and furniture.
From: $12.29
Gives a comfortable grip for people with arthritis when writing.
Price: $11.55
The palms have a padded area for durability and a no slip grip.
Options: Small, Medium, Large, Extra Large
From: $28.55
Full length, 4-foot long pillow provides versatile, multipurpose support especially during pregnancy.
Price: $54.99
A variety of sizes to choose from: designed for patients requiring head, back, or leg elevation.
From: $35.99
Assists those people who have difficulty holding a book or a magazine in an open position in bed.
Price: $98.95
Easily flip pages.
Price: $21.95
Stands on a table, wheelchair tray or bed tray.
Price: $41.75
Provides exceptional comfort and repositioning for individuals requiring long term care - SHIPPING FREE TO MOST PARTS OF CANADA.
Options: Blue, Burgundy, Charcoal, Green
Price: $2,395.00
With up to 38 degrees seat tilt, offers an infinite range of positioning for resident comfort - SHIPPING FREE TO MOST PARTS OF CANADA.
Options: Blue, Burgundy, Charcoal, Green
Price: $2,995.00
A comfortable chair that offers full or semi recline - FREE SHIPPING TO MOST PARTS OF CANADA.
Options: Blue, Burgundy, Charcoal, Green
Price: $3,295.00
Button Hooks enable the person with poor dexterity or only one hand to do up buttons.
From: $8.25
Ideally suited for carrying a cane while using a rollator, wheelchair, or walker.
Price: $46.15
Constructed of durable nylon that will hold your toilet seat even with the brackets left on.
Price: $36.25
Can be used to hold an item in a fixed position.
Price: $38.45
Improves ankle strength, range of motion, and helps prevent injuries.
Price: $36.99
Secure your cane to your belt or pants and free up both your hands.
Price: $12.65
A vinyl covered hand strap fits over the back of the hand and holds a spoon or fork securely.
Options: Fork, Spoon
Price: $23.05
Snap this paper holder on to the frame of a commode or hand rail around an elevated toilet seat.
Price: $16.45
Clip-on handle which makes peeling veggies much easier.
Price: $18.65
Cut out designed to eliminate body contact in coccyx area of the seat.
From: $64.19
A food grade cutting board with a chef knife attached.
Price: $63.75
Cutlery with a grip designed to give independence at meal time.
Options: Red Handle, Fork, Knife, Soupspoon, Teaspoon
From: $13.75
An attractive, quilted cover made for your bedside commode for when company visits.
Options: Blue, Rose
Price: $54.95
Ideal for drinking while lying in bed.
Price: $8.25
Above ankle cut, wider opening, c/w velcro tabs to close across the in-step.
From: $86.19
Above ankle cut, wool fleece lined with polyester knit exterior.
Options: Large, Medium, Small, XL, XS
Price: $52.25
CPAP Hoses in various sizes.
From: $11.99
Provides optimum support and comfort to the sacrum and lower spine.
Options: Black, White, L, M, S, XL
Price: $54.89
Cutting board has stainless steel spikes to hold food in place for peeling and slicing.
Price: $42.85
A food grade cutting board with a chef knife attached.
Price: $61.55
Elevates the patient in order to assist them in sitting and standing.
From: $37.99
Popular with patients recovering from hip surgery.
From: $54.99
Extended forward under sole and sides.
Price: $72.49
For persons with limitations in upper extremity of motion.
Options: Fork, Soupspoon, Teaspoon
Price: $28.55
This line of cutlery is very lightweight.
Options: Fork, Knife, Soupspoon, Teaspoon
Price: $13.80
Solve gripping problems at meal time.
Options: Fork, Knife, Soupspoon, Teaspoon
Price: $15.95
The angle of the left and right offset have been designed to minimize wrist movement.
Price: $14.85
Encourages neck and shoulders to relax, leading to more restful, refreshing sleep.
Price: $43.99
Foam Grip Extension Razor Holder.
Price: $30.75
Food bumpers adapt a standard plate into a plate for self feeding.
Options: Blue, White
Price: $6.90
An excellent product to reduce bending and straining while cleaning.
Options: Regular, Telescoping
From: $17.55
Lightweight and comfortable to wear.
Options: Large, Medium, Small, XL, XXL
Price: $43.29
Used to immobilize the hips and legs of patients.
From: $51.39
Fitted sheet, top sheet, pillowcase and blanket.
Price: $94.59 $85.19
Ensures full mattress coverage with special underwrap feature.
From: $8.39 $7.59
Designed for patients that require lower extremity contracture management - FREE SHIPPING TO MOST PARTS OF CANADA.
Price: $118.99
Promotes proper lifting and creates safety self-awareness!!
From: $58.99
A silky comforter for young children - FREE SHIPPING TO MOST PARTS OF CANADA.
Price: $124.99
Designed to provide safe and effective infant positioning.
From: $40.99
"O" ring design eliminates body contact in centre area.
Price: $40.99
People with limited hand dexterity or arthritis can manipulate keys with ease.
Price: $11.55
Suited for people with limited manual dexterity or finger strength.
Price: $7.99
Enjoy the soft warm comfort of flannel.
Price: $57.15
Woven, polyester and cotton blend.
Price: $46.15
Lambskin fleece with leather backing.
Price: $14.69
Ladies Slippers, Household Style.
Price: $90.75
A larger nail clipper with emery boards.
Price: $19.75
Fits under patient's legs and elevates heels.
From: $82.50
An extension handle for your light switch.
Price: $13.75
Reusable long plastic drinking straws.
Price: $13.75
Eases insertion of urological catheters, rectal thermometers, enemas and tampons.
Price: $9.99
Ideal for liquid or dry medication.
Price: $2.25
It's the bee's knees for burns, cuts, grazes and abrasions - 5 (Five) 20 gram tubes.
Price: $59.99
Provides a moisture barrier, replenishes skin moisture and reduces the risk of infection.
Price: $19.69
Kick start the healing process with Medihoney
From: $97.19
Memory foam overlay delivers great weight distribution and outstanding comfort.
Options: Uncovered, Covered
From: $87.99
Conforms to the shape of the sleeper and evenly distriutes body weight - FREE SHIPPING TO MOST PARTS OF CANADA.
Options: Hospital, Twin, Double, Queen, King
From: $149.99
Woven polyester and cotton blend.
Price: $69.99
100% Cotton Flannel.
Price: $46.15
Lambskin fleece with leather backing.
Price: $16.50
Hard indoor/outdoor sole
Price: $117.50
A strong low profile tray with all smooth edges and rounded corners - FREE SHIPPING TO MOST PARTS OF CANADA.
From: $284.99
Elastic cord system holds newspaper in place.
Price: $60.45
Transparent so the level of the contents is always visible.
Price: $11.55
Provides additional foot support, stability and comfort - FREE SHIPPING TO MOST PARTS OF CANADA.
From: $124.99
Can be used in many positions to support back, knees or legs.
From: $71.49
Aids in keeping feet on footrests in a tilt position.
From: $46.19
Increased comfort and support - FREE SHIPPING TO MOST PARTS OF CANADA.
From: $284.99
Supports the baby's head and neck and reduces pressure on soft scalp areas.
Price: $40.99
Comfortably and securely maintains baby in elevated position - FREE SHIPPING TO MOST PARTS OF CANADA.
Price: $274.99
An epoxy coated metal hand clip which fastens to a phone or drinking glass with a Velcro strap.
Price: $17.05
Provides correct cervical alignment for a more restful and refreshing sleep.
From: $27.99
Two different firmness options for your personal preference.
Price: $41.99
Holds onto the pot handle while you stir the contents.
Price: $23.05
Centre core cutout eliminates all ear contact - FREE SHIPPING TO MOST PARTS OF CANADA.
Price: $119.99
Discreet protection-looks and feels like regular underwear.
Options: L, M, S, XL, XXL
From: $17.99
Discreet protection-looks and feels like regular underwear.
Options: Large, Medium, Small, XL, XXL
Price: $14.59
Delivers top performance under intense conditions.
Price: $3.59
A special eating utensil combining a rocker knife and a fork.
Price: $26.35
Allows users to push food against the plate's high back wall and onto their cutlery.
Options: Blue, Red, White
Price: $15.95
Knit with warm insulating wool on the outside and soft combed cotton on the inside for added warmth and moisture absorbency.
Options: Medium, Small, Large, Black, Brown, Charcoal, Natural, Navy, Sand
From: $10.50
A light handy slip-on handle for cutlery, a toothbrush or more!
Price: $7.15
Ideal for sleeping on back or side.
Price: $39.99
Soft covering and 1" padding all over to provide protection - FREE SHIPPING TO MOST PARTS OF CANADA.
From: $269.99
A stainless steel combination spoon and fork.
From: $15.35
It is designed for use as a disc for standing transfers.
Price: $86.85
Designed for superior comfort, support and durability for the Bariatric patient - FREE SHIPPING TO MOST PARTS OF CANADA.
From: $949.99
For people who cannot grasp or turn the stove knob or reach over the hot pots.
Price: $24.15
Swivel keeps utensil level when wrist movement is restricted or co-ordination is poor.
Options: Fork, Spoon
Price: $29.65
The soft, cotton-like blue liner protects the skin against wetness.
Options: Package, Case
From: $29.99
The leg-cut and wing design comfortably hug the leg for a more secure fit.
From: $11.79
To hold Day Regular, Day Plus or Night Super Pads securely in place.
From: $4.49
Contoured shape conforms to body for a more discreet fit.
Options: Package, Case
From: $15.79
Convenient wetness indicators alert you that the pad has been soiled and needs checking.
From: $37.99
Designed to cover mattresses in order to absorb leakages, reduce odours and maintain dryness.
From: $74.00
Distributes weight evenly and encourages air circulation.
Price: $34.99
Reduce bending and kneeling when cleaning the toilet.
Price: $18.65
Relief of low back pain resulting from muscular strain.
Options: Black, White
Price: $36.99
Lightweight, economical standard cushion.
From: $57.19
All-in-one washable brief.
From: $28.89
Unique multi-layered design offers both superior comfort and support - FREE SHIPPING TO MOST PARTS OF CANADA.
From: $174.99
Support patient's side, or back, or can be used to keep sheets off of patient's feet.
Options: Uncovered, Covered
From: $31.99
The Uri-Aid™ is a patented, single use, contoured plastic funnel that screws onto a urine collection bottle.
Price: $6.89
Hundreds of gentle bumps evenly support body weight allowing a more restful sleep.
From: $49.99
An adult bib that provides complete protection against spills and scalding.
Price: $10.59
May be used in either open position for post hip replacement patients, or closed position to prevent patients from sliding out of chair.
From: $59.99
Decreases hand tremors, allowing cutlery to reach the users mouth easier.
Options: Fork, Knife, Soupspoon, Teaspoon
Price: $25.25
Decreases hand tremors, allowing cutlery to reach the users mouth easier.
Price: $25.25
Helps stabilize writing for the person with poor co-ordination or tremulous hand.
Price: $42.85
Holds 2 rows of cards so you don't have to!
Price: $17.55
Wool pile or sheepskin coccyx cushion.
Options: Wool Pile, Sheepskin
From: $71.50
"Bean" shaped, dense fleece for comfort, 2 padded velcro straps for closure.
Price: $52.25
Dense fleece for comfort.
Price: $54.09
The wool fibres permit the air to flow through them, absorbing moisture that is wicked to the atmosphere - FREE SHIPPING TO MOST PARTS OF CANADA.
From: $375.00
Soft Superwash 1" wool fleece pad.
From: $43.99
Two velcro padded straps for closure over the instep.
Price: $24.79
Machine washable with the sheared wool length approximately 1" for optimum comfort and relief - FREE SHIPPING TO MOST PARTS OF CANADA.
Price: $164.99
Use for back support and comfort.
Price: $76.99
Made to fit directly to the chair.
Options: Black, Champagne, Pale Gold
From: $29.99
Wool wheelchair seat and seat back pad (one piece).
Price: $82.49
17" x 18", comes loop attachments to go over the handle bars to hold. Hangs in place.
Price: $95.59
Comes with straps and velcro tabs to close under the seat.
From: $85.25
A black wrist strap for a walking cane.
Price: $4.59
For those who have lost muscular control of their fingers.
Price: $21.95
Enables people with poor dexterity to hook and pull zippers independently.
Price: $12.65
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